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Award Winning Stib Pencils; vibrant, satisfyingly soft-leaded jumbo colouring pencils, each printed with Inspirational Spark-Words, Stibler character sticker sheet & jumbo pencil sharpener BUY NOW


Welcome to the World of Stib.

Feel Good on the Inside, Do Good on the Outside…..

Stib stands for Spark Thinking in a Box & is a purposeful business, aiming to make imaginations zing & good ideas take flight. Stib believes in the potential of all children to do amazing things, which is why we give 10% to profits to education projects supporting vulnerable children in the UK & overseas.

Each Stib pencil is embossed with a different inspirational word & comes with a Stibler character sticker sheet & jumbo pencil sharpener. Our Stibler characters & 12 Words page help bring alive what the words mean if you’re under 10 & we have a whole load of ideas on how to create worlds kids are proud of filled with fun & colour.

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