gRabbit: Earth Lover

It was hard for Tom and Martha to build their super Lego spaceship with a small, hairy rabbit wedged between them. Rabbit’s feet tapped the ground, while she busily made notes with a pencil and notepad.  ‘Mmmm,’ said Rabbit chewing the end of the pencil. ‘We’ll need to keep away from the road and make sure the oak tree roots don’t get hurt.’

 ‘Would it be too much trouble for you to work over there, by the table?’ said Martha. ‘Tom and I are trying to build a spaceship.’

A soft, white paw took hold of her wrist. ‘This is serious work,’ said Rabbit, ‘I’m planning a new warren, a new home for the many rabbits round here. But I need to be careful. There’s a large tree to think about. We need to take care of the Earth.’

Just at that moment there was a clatter of plastic bricks as the Lego spaceship was launched from the table. ‘I’m bored with Lego,’ cried Tom. ’I really want some night goggles but Mum says they’re too expensive and we have to wait until Christmas.’

‘Mmm,’ said Rabbit, ‘Night goggles you say….’

‘Can you get us some?’ Tom’s voice was hopeful.

‘Could you maybe make some? Or use something from the toybox to turn into night goggles?’

‘We really want new ones.’ Martha said firmly. ‘All our old toys are rubbish.’

‘D’you know what happens to all that stuff you call rubbish?’ said Rabbit.

In fact, the children did know very well about land-fill and re-cycling and how lots of plastic in the sea causes damage to sea birds and fish. They knew about not wasting food and turning out lights, but still: the thought of new night goggles was very exciting.

‘We’d give our old toys to the charity shop,’ Martha said, noting the look on Rabbit’s face.

‘Excellent,’ said Rabbit bouncing up from the sofa ‘Always good to re-cycle, but let’s see if we can find a way to make some night goggles – the sort that nobody else will ever have!”

Tom was intrigued. Rabbit was always a whirlwind of ideas and plans and she began to race around the playroom dipping into boxes here and there.  ‘Have you any glue? she hummed.  ‘And elastic? Otherwise, I think we have all we need here.’

For the next hour, Martha, Tom and the Rabbit re-fashioned some old sunglasses into unusual night goggles. There were various bits of string and elastic stuck to them and one of them had a small light glued messily onto a lens, but there was no doubt that they were goggles. A bit wobbly, not top of the range but night-goggles nonetheless.

‘Is this taking care of the Earth? asked Tom, just a little doubtful about the finished product.

‘Absolutely’, said Rabbit seriously. ‘We must be very, very careful what we destroy. If we can stop any kind of waste, save toys from the bin, look after that oak tree, then we are proper Earth Lovers.’ 

For a moment, the children were unable to move or speak, held by this small animal’s earnest gaze.

Rabbit laughed suddenly. It was a surprisingly loud, fruity laugh and her little feet thumped the floor with gusto. ‘You two,’ said Rabbit jumping up from the floor. ‘Right now, you should go and try out your goggles.’