Meet the Stiblers

The Stiblers are a secret group of animals that live all around us. Grown-ups can’t see or hear them, but they pop up to help children whenever needed.....The Stiblers know that children love magic, fun and learning in different ways from adults. They don’t mind if you jump in puddles or get chocolate cake around your mouth and they won’t tell you to be quiet. Not ever.

Tom and Martha are used to visits from The Stiblers – to help them with life’s little lumps and bumps. Come and meet them…Click each of the images below and hover over the large image to read their story. You can also download all stories together by clicking the button below.


Ask a Stibler....

Something on your mind? If you are facing one if life's small lumps or bumps, the Stiblers are there to help. The Stiblers are there to support young ones in being brave, kind, confident & caring as they grow. If you'd like to ask a Stibler about something in particular, then get in touch. Ask a grown up to email, using only a first name, or nick-name, tell us what you are feeling a bit stuck with and we will ask the Stiblers for their bright ideas to make it better.

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