Ask A Stibler - I Don't Want to Play Football

James, aged 7 from Wellingborough, used to play with his friends on the play equipment at school during break-times, but recently his friends have gone football crazy. James hates football.  He likes swinging and climbing on the wooden fort. He asks us what he should do to get his friends back.

As usual, Bee has been worked off her several legs this week, collecting nectar and pollen for the hive and being on guard duty. Sometimes the jobs she has to do get on her nerves, but she always does them. Here is a creature who knows the importance of working in a team.

‘Young James,’ says Bee. ‘Football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a good way to make friends with other boys and feel like a team player.’ Bee jiggles up and down waving her antennae. ‘How’s about you watch your friends play the game and learn the rules so you can talk about it, or cheer them on.  Or help keep score.’

Jellyfish, who also has some opinions on James’ plea for help, giggles at the very idea of being in a team. ‘It’s OK to be different,’ she whispers. ‘You can’t make your friends come back to climbing and swinging on the fort. Just be yourself. Enjoy what you do. Maybe you’ll make new friends. Maybe not. Stop hating and worrying….’ 

She’s gone. That’s it, no use asking Jellyfish to come back and say more; or Bee for that matter. There’s all the rhododendrons to sort out this month.